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Croaking Hill - is a city-fantasy adventure game we're planning to make. And this is just a short story from the first half of this non-existant game. We hope you will like it :)

Thanks to psychoghosts invading her daily life in a new town, June decides to investigate an old mansion, which should be connected to something deeply evil.

With a help of her new friend, Ramon, she will confront a forgotten story behind those walls.

 Go through this adventure with our characters:

June - 16yo girl, who is kinda tired of dealing with ghosts.

Ramon - 18yo ghost, who tries not to be lame. (it does not work)

Ethan - 17yo ghost, who is just trying to be honest. 

Neil - 17yo ghost, who wants to be loved. 

Andy - 19yo ghost, who tried his best.

- ???, who ???


CPU: Intel Pentium G4560

RAM: 4GB or more

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 610

Other: DirectX 11 and Windows x64

You can follow the game (and its future) on:



Also, if you liked the game, you can support us on:



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As promissed, here is a part 2, which is also the finale to the demo! Things took quite a turn by the end, but shhh!  You'll have to see for yourself


I know it's only the fisrt part, but i've already fallen in love with the game.

(И в Рамона тоже, тупо себя узнаю в нём)

Спасибо за такой душевный летсплей :)

Завтра ждите вторую часть :з
Я таки пройду до конца (ну, до которого смогу)


I love it! Everything looks great and the personalities of the characters are coming through nicely!

If you need help with the English phrasing, let me know because I really want to play the full game ☺️

Thank you .з.


I'm having some trouble with the keys, I can't unlock any locked door. This could definitely be my own fault but just in case is this a bug maybe? I had great fun otherwise and if you need any help with english let me know! I'm a native speaker so even though your translations look really good maybe I could help with the fluidity of the sentences 🤷‍♀️ I really like your game 

Hey, this might be a bit confusing, but you need certain keys to certain doors. You'll get them by looking around a bit.

You can dm me on twitter if you still have some trouble with it: https://twitter.com/abstract_panic

And thank you :)

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Scary story
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Nice story

Any chance of this getting a Mac demo?


Hey, I would say probably yes, I'm looking into this right now, but this will take a little bit of time, because I don't have a Mac device x]


Hey, I really loved the art and the game!

If you are interested in a free Spanish translation, please, hit me up!

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great jobs


There's definitely potential here, but the translation needs a lot of work. A lot of typos and sentences that don't make sense. Still, I'm going to keep my eye on this going forward.

Thanks. And yeah, sorry, we're making the game in our free time without any budget. Had to translate it ourselfs somehow x[